Horosi's spirit form with Haruhi


Horosi as a kid

Personality: Horosi is a calm person who just wants to live like a normal person, but soon comes to know there is nothing normal about his life or his family, When in spirit form he remains calm and collected, usually mumuring to his Seishinheiki, but can very quickly change his attitude to the area he is at.

&nbsp Appearence: When in normal form, he wears a black hoodie, with black baggy-ish jeans, he also wears a bracer on his arm, to keep in contact with his Seishinheiki, in spirit form, he has a staff which is his weapons main form, and he had a white with black trim robe, his eye color is a dark-ish green, and his hair color is a grey, while in school, he is mocked for his odd hair color, and is usually teased for randomly talking to himself supposedly

Routines: He wakes up every morning around 7:30 A.M. and gets ready for school beggining with, Breakfast, then goes to wash and brush his teeth, takes a short shower, then gets his clothes on, and goes to school, he doesn't have many friends other then the spirits at the school, and some others, he doesn't eat the schools lunch, and always brings his own, he always at least brings a home-made herbal tea, and he gives his chocolate to the other students. His favorite time of the day is recess because he can talk to the spirits freely without looking weird.


Seishinheiki: His Seishinheiki's name is Haruhi, she is a best friend of Horosi and would give her life for him, her main form is that of a staff with a large amulet on the top, which forms a cross, multiple mini crosses being on the ends of them, she is a spirit magic type Seishinheiki, she is calm, and also enjoys Herbal Tea like Horosi, she wasn't revealed untill Horosi was about Ten, when he first got his abilitys Her physical form is that of a small girl with a purple kimono, and pearl hair. The reason she is just a little girl is due to Horosi being a kid.

Minor Information: Height: 4,3..........Age: 8 and 5 months.......Hair Color: Grey.......Eye Color: Blue........Seishin Mark Location: Right Cheek.........

Bracer Of The Spirits: They say this bracer MIGHT be what hold the Sapphire Crystal due to its blue glowing nature, but his father and mother are the only ones who know the truth, some time in the future, they tell him that its the "item" physical form of his Seishinheiki, but he still remains doubtfull, HE beleives that it contains evil spirits that won't leave, seeming as right when he put it on, constant whispers revealed into his head, and for some reason, he just couldn't remove the bracer.

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