Hoseki as a kid

Hoseki Rinzuki
Seishinheiki: Rushifā

Race: Seishin Sukurinseba and

Seishinheiki main form: Rushifa(Kurimuzon)-a longsword with a ruby blade, that has a seal on it full of shadow energy, which helps Hoseki first release his Saiaku, Tsumetai.

Personality: Hoseki is a "don't mess with me" personality. Even though he is only in elementary, almost everyone was afraid of him. He cares about his friends and family alot, and will stick up for them when they need him to. He enjoys collecting different stones and crystals, including Spirit Crystals.

Routines and Hobbies: Hoseki and his father Senshi are usually up before his mother. Each morning, they engage in a game of Chess, where Hoseki has always won. Then, once he leaves, he goes to a certain tree in a meadow near the school, to meet with his friend Horosi Miyamoto.


Hoseki's Saiaku Form, Tsumetai Kokoro.

Saiaku(Inner Self): My inner shadow will not wait....Saiaku! Tsumetai Kokoro! The Cold-Hearted Brute!!

Gothic Ruby Medallion Necklace by DecibelProductions

Hoseki's Necklace, which first gave him his powers. It was a gift from his mother.


Mizure Rukai

Relationships: Mizure Rukai- Mizure and Hoseki have been friends since they can remember, and have always been there for one another. Hoseki has always admired her beauty, but never has shown any interest in her.(in public.)

Horosi Miyamoto- Horosi and Hoseki are of rivaling clans, but are still the best of friends. They stick up for each other, and also are both very powerful.

Seno- The first best friend of Horosi and Hoseki, she died for an unknown reason, but gave Hoseki his TRUE powers.


Rushifa, in animal form

Seishinheiki techniques:

Rushifā no rubī no kaen (Lucifer's Ruby Flame)- An attack mainly used with Kurimuzon form. A flame erupts out of the blade, shooting at whatever its pointed at.

Rushifā no saigo no gisei (Lucifer's Final Sacrifice)-the weapon shatters into pieces, spreading all over the planet. This move is only used when Rushifa may be in danger, or taken away.

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