Personality: Mariku is a nice person who enjoys spending time with her family, she is a mortal, but she does know about the things that go on, including the spirits, she enjoys herbal tea and loves cooking for her family, she beleives that everything can be solved with a hug, her husband, Nokoro, actually beleives she can see and talk to spirits. Appearence: In her normal form, she has dark purple hair, with the same coloring robe, with a white
trim, and light-purple eyes, she has this ring on her right pinky finger that has an unknown symbol on it. (SPOILER) In her secret "Spirit" form she has a blue plate like armor, with a robe-skirt that doesn't completely cover her front, and she has an extremely large blue claymor which is beleived to be her Seishinheiki, she has blue hair, same lenght as the last, and blue eyes.

Seishinheiki: Arimila her Seishinheiki, in its physical form, it is a Victorian-Crowned Pigeon, with dark blue feathers on its head, and a purpleish outer coat on its body, with light blue wings, they say its so strong and silent, its the reason the evil spirits can't enter that familys house.

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