Nokoro and his Seishinheiki

"He who shall fall upon the blade of the spirits shall find peace again.

Personality: Nokoro is a honest man, but with an arrogant side, he always is trying to make his "kin" in his words, strongers and ready for the future to come, he savors sweets as if they were heaven, and loves his wifes cooking, his favorite food is a Dragon Roll sushi, and his favorite Dessert is Chocolate Cake, he trys to find the smallest reasons to lecture Horosi.

Appearence: He usually adorns a dark brown trench coat (see picture) and a Grey with Black trim fedora hat, he used to be an assassin for a group of evil spirits, before he realized that his abilitys were meant for good, and not that of evil use, he always has his Seishinheiki, Retrima, the black wolf spirit, with him at all times.

Seishinheiki: His Seishinheiki, Retrina, is a black wolf, with the spirit power of "The Fangs Of Gelanor" a legendary spirit attack, said to be able to bring down even the worst of demons, Retrina's personality is aspected upon his master's making him just as arrogant and bossy as Nokoro, though he doesn't seem to like sweets as much as him, Retrina has been through some of the worst times with Nokoro.

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