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Seishin Sukurinseba is a brand new custom anime in which two familys are in constant rivalry is destroying and killing evil spirits and saving the good ones, they use weapons called Seishinheiki or "Spirit Weapon" which is a special type of ghost similar to that of a zanpakuto in the hit anime "Bleach"

thumb|300px|right|Season one Theme song

Main Characters:Edit

Nokoro Miyamoto: The father of Horosi, who is a slightly stubborn individual, being at the age of 57, he enjoys chocolate cake and dislikes the Rinzuki family greatly.

Maruki Miyamoto: The mother of Horosi, she doesn't enjoy fighting the evil spirits, enjoys herbal tea along with Horosi, and is decent friends with the mother of the Rinzuki family in secret

Horosi Miyamoto: A highly spiritual indivudual who enjoys herbal tea and spending time with his family, he is one of the members of the Miyamoto family which is in rivalry with the Rinzuki Family

Utsukushii Rinzuki: Often referred to as Utsuku, She is a beautiful women who enchants all she meets. Almost everyone tried to ask her out, but she was in love with Senshi.She used to fight the evil spirits, but she stopped in order to be with Senshi, who was a mortal.

Senshi Rinzuki: Senshi is a strong warrior, who does not know about the Spirits that the rest of his family once hunted. He enjoys playing chess with his son, even though he usually loses.

Hōseki Rinzuki: A secret friend of Horosi, though still being in the other clan's family, he enjoys collecting spirit crystals, which are rare items dropped by evil spirits.

Latest activityEdit

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